The AHA! Moment:The Path to Sucessful Business

The AHA! Moment:The Path to Sucessful Business



Author: Andrei Mozgov

Genre: Economics

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At some point in one’s life, everything seems to be problematic and there seems to be no hope or solution/answer in sight. Then all of a sudden out of the thin air; when our subconscious is not as worried about the problem as it used to be, we find a solution; a sudden bright light appeared in your brain, and then you know the way to go from where you are.

In the “AHA” Moment: The Path to Successful Business, you will discover how the brain has 'Aha' Moments. Create your own Eureka moment and become successful and financially secure. Want to start your own business but have no idea what field or what type of business it would be? Dreaming of Entrepreneurship but can't figure out what to pursue?

In this book you will learn how to brainstorm the best business idea possible. The goal is to provide crucial information that is necessary for your success.

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