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How Our Ebooks are Free

By   01-03-2019

Our e-books are carefully chosen from the more than 110,000 copyright free e-books available to us through more than 25 repositories on the internet today. Our most used choices are with:

Gutenberg -The biggest archive for free e-books on today's web

Feedbooks Public Domain - A nice selection and presentation of e-books

Loyalbooks -I have been using this free repository for years now, personal use mostly but has come in handy for this site.

We use many other of the 25 free repositories as well for a good variety.

We also use

Smashwords Free - Here we can get e-books from new and young artists that write compelling material. You will find this statement by Smashwords at the beginning of every book. Please leave the statement and its contents intact. Any other use or changes would be an  infringement of copyright which is illegal.

Smashwords Edition, Licence Notes
This free ebook may be copied, distributed, reposted, reprinted and shared, provided it
appears in its entirety without alteration, and the reader is not charged to access it.

For Our Audio Books we are using in agreement with the following repositories - Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. - Free public domain audiobooks

YouTube - Public domain audiobooks from YouTube appear from the free archive of LibriVox, the free public domain for audiobooks.

There are different copyright laws depending where you are from.We encourage you to follow the laws instated in your country in regard to restrictions and use.  We here at RoseEntertainment follow the US copyright laws which you can find here:
Public Domain

A fact you may not know is any Government works are free to the public, all those released and we are surprised at the many available.

We are a bit different in the way we run our site from the others. First of all its built with avcms software mainly because we prefer this presentation with the addition of wallpapers. We are  not a retail book site but a free domain meaning you can download most of our ebooks without restriction. We are building daily,  so sit back choose a title and download , read online or listen to your choice with ease. Enjoy!

Rose Entertainment License